What is a carer?

The number of carers in Gloucestershire is rising. But what makes a carer? And why do they need our support?

What is a carer?  A carer is anyone who gives unpaid support to look after someone who is unable to look after themselves. Without their support, the person they care for could not manage.

Carers come from all walks of life. They can be any age, male or female, and they can come from any culture or background. They may be looking after a relative, partner or friend who is ill or frail, or maybe injured after an accident; they may be caring for someone disabled or who has mental health issues; or they could be looking after a child with substance misuse problems – there is no template.

Yet, while each carer’s situation differs, one thing unifies them all: Carers don’t choose to become carers. It is something that just happens, something that they do because they have to, because, if they don’t, there may not be anyone else who can. Every carer has a different story, but they all give up their own time to look after someone else.

In Gloucestershire alone there are around 63,000 carers looking after people who need them – and this number is growing. And carers themselves need support, too.

Find out why carers need support


Why do carers need support?

Why do carers need support?

Taking on a caring role can mean facing a life of poverty, isolation, frustration, ill health and depression. Many carers give up an income, future employment prospects and pension rights to become a Carer. Many carers also work outside the home and ...

Slider Carer Stories

Carer stories

Elena’s Story Elena moved with her mother from Australia to care full time for her Grandfather who has Vascular Dementia. She took on the full responsibility of supporting her Mum to care for her Grandfather, whilst struggling to study and manage her...


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