Counselling can help you make sense of your new or ongoing life as a Carer, whether in specific areas such as dealing with bereavement or separation from a loved one, or with the more general feelings of stress, anxiety and depression you experience in your caring role.


How can counselling help me?

Caring for a family member or friend can be challenging and give rise to many distressing feelings such as guilt, anger, loss, isolation and helplessness.  Relationships can be put under strain due to a change in roles.  Carers often neglect their own needs, leading to them becoming overwhelmed and unable to cope. Also, the caring role is constantly changing with new situations and further loss of expectations to be adjusted to.

Feeling really listened to and understood can help to relieve the stress and move towards being more able to prioritise and make choices.

What does counselling offer?

  • A safe and confidential space to explore and understand these distressing thoughts and feelings.
  • An opportunity to unravel internal conflicts.
  • Help to gain a greater understanding of yourself and what is important for you.
  • Help with moving forwards and developing coping strategies and resilience


“I have learnt about myself and am more aware of my own limitations. Learnt how to be kind to myself and realise I could achieve more than I thought I was capable of”  A Carer


1:1 Carers Counselling Service

  • Our counselling service is delivered by fully qualified volunteer counsellors or those in the final stages of their training.
  • All our counsellors are registered with a professional body and are bound by its code of ethics.
  • We are able to offer up to 12 sessions on a weekly basis, with a set day and time.
  • We ask for a level of commitment to the process to maximise the benefit to you and also to make full use of our resources.
  • There is no charge for this service but voluntary donations to help cover the support costs are gratefully received.


“Whole process of being heard and listened to helped me to gain perspective on issues and come to a place of empowerment”  A Carer


If you think the Carers Counselling Service could help you, please contact Rob Leonard, Counselling Manager, on 01452 876496 or email


To download the Carers Assessment Leaflet please click here: Counselling Leaflet