Carers Emergency Scheme

Do you worry about what would happen to the person you look after, if you were taken ill or caught in some kind of emergency? If your answer is YES then this scheme may be for you.

Carers Emergency Scheme


What is the Carers Emergency Scheme?
The Carers Emergency Scheme is run on behalf of Gloucestershire County Council by a partnership of Guideposts Trust, Crossroads Care, Worcestershire Telecare and Carers Gloucestershire. It offers you the peace of mind that should an emergency occur, the person you look after will be supported and the people who need to know informed.

Level 1.
You will nominate 2 contacts (e.g. family members, friends or neighbours) who would be willing to check on the person you look after if you are unable to because of an accident, emergency or illness. They will then be contacted if an emergency occurs.

Level 2.
If Level 1 will not be sufficient to cover the care needs of the person you look after, Level 2 gives you the additional option of having a support worker from Crossroads Care to come in to offer the support needed, within 2 hours of the emergency call being made. If the emergency lasts longer than 48 hours then other arrangements will be made, working with Gloucestershire County Council.

Am I eligible for the service?
If you are 16 or over and provide care or support for a family member, friend, relative or disabled child, you can apply for the service.

How does the scheme operate?
You provide basic information about yourself, the person you look after and the action required in the event of an emergency. This information is then passed onto Worcestershire Telecare.

You are then issued with a card – like a credit card – with a unique identification number on it. The card also displays the Worcestershire Telecare number.

In an emergency this number is called and the workers at Telecare carry out the instructions you have given; either to ring your nominated contacts or to request Crossroads Care to provide the agreed support.

How do I access the scheme?
If you want to register for Level 1 and nominate 2 contacts then all you need to do is call Carersline on 0300 111 9000 and either request the form to be sent to you or go through the form over the phone with one of our Advisers.

If you want to register for Level 2 then you will need a Carers Assessment first, as a Level 2 service needs to have been identified as an eligible Carer need and be part of a Carer support plan. If the assessment concludes that Level 2 is appropriate then you will be referred to Guideposts Trust who will work with you to draw up the emergency plan. To discuss and request a Carers Assessment ring Carersline on 0300 111 9000.