Carers assessment

If you are providing care to someone with care and support needs, you are entitled to a Statutory Carers Assessment. Carers Gloucestershire can complete the assessment with you, having been authorised and funded by Gloucestershire County Council to undertake the assessment.


What is a Carers Assessment?

A Carers Assessment is:

• A conversation focussed on you the carer as an individual, your caring situation and your needs
• A process which enables you to be formally recognised and supported in your role as carer
• A time for you to express your needs and concerns arising out of your caring role.
• An opportunity to consider what support might be available to you, centrally and within your local community.
• A chance to get information and advice to be better equipped in your caring role and help you to sustain your health and wellbeing

A Carers Assessment IS NOT an assessment of how good a carer you are.

A Carers Assessment will consider:

• Your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing
• Your need for a break
• Your need or desire for employment, education, training and leisure.
• Your finances and household income.
• Your other responsibilities and relationships
• Your ability and willingness to continue caring
• Your own hopes and aspirations

If any eligible unmet needs are identified we will work with you to develop a Support Plan to meet those needs. If no eligible needs are identified we can still help you, for example, by referring you to one or more of our non-statutory services and community support.

 To get more information and/or arrange an assessment call Carers Gloucestershire on: 

Carersline: 0300 111 9000 or Contact us.

To download the Carers Assessment Leaflet please click here: Carers Assessment Leaflet

Please note, this content is currently being revised to take account of The Care Act 2014. For further information, click here  Gloucestershire County Council