Gloucestershire carers share stress-busting tips

Gloucestershire carers share stress-busting tips

Do you know its Stress Awareness Month?

We know how stressful it can be looking after someone you care for, so we asked followers of our Facebook page if they had any advice they’d like to share about managing stress as a carer.

Here’s some of their top tips:

Having ‘Me’ time, keeping a focus on the care-givers individual identity, healthy living and daily ‘rewards’. As a care-giver you are fundamentally essential. But you are also your own person – Lesley

Keep your sense of humour, trials can become trivial if you can smile at the situation! – Eve

Animals keep you calm, mind you my Jack Russells are lively but loving plus my cats, love them all loads. Also mindfullness is very good – Anna

Music, music to calm, music to enliven and music to cry, does it for me at least – Laura

I find adult colouring very relaxing. You can be alert to your what your loved ones doing and able to stop and start easily – Jacqui

Making time for regular exercise (a class, a walk, a game…anything) is really beneficial.
Also chatting with a friend…about anything at all is very helpful too – Jo

Walking the dogs or stroking one of our cats. Gardening too, when I get time – Alison (find out about Alison’s new, inclusive dog-walking group here)

Thank you to everyone who contributed! Do you have anything to add? Join in the conversation on our Facebook page.