Ways to donate

We can’t cure a loved one but with your help we can make the caring role easier. Just £25.00 will pay for a home visit from an advice worker, a turning point in someone’s life.

Ways to donate

Donate online


The easiest way to help support unpaid carers in Gloucestershire is to donate online. Over 13,000 carers in Gloucestershire rely on our services every day. Your donation will help ensure they have the long-term support and advice they urgently need. You can make a one-off or regular donation online through our Virgin Moneygiving page.

Payroll giving

Join our Payroll Giving scheme today and help make payday last a lifetime. Payroll Giving or Give as You Earn (GAYE) means your donation is deducted from your gross salary, tax free. This means the tax you would have paid on your donation is also given to Carers Gloucestershire. So, a £10 donation to us only costs you:

  • £8 at basic rate tax (20%)
  • £6 at higher rate tax (40%)
  • £5 at the 50% rate

Talk to your HR Team today to donate to Carers Gloucestershire through your monthly salary.

Donations are important to us. With a growing number of carers across the county, every penny you give will help us put additional hours of support into the community to ensure no one faces the challenge of caring alone.

Donate by text

You can also donate by text.  Just text GLOS25 and the amount you would like to donate to 70070.

For more information about making a donation to support unpaid carers in Gloucestershire.  Call our office on 01452 386283 or email mail@carersgloucestershire.org.uk