Get involved

No one in Gloucestershire should face the challenge of caring alone and with your help they won't have to.

Get involved

With your help we can continue to support carers; we can support them as they face a life that will never be the same again.

Until you’ve cared for someone who is disabled, ill, frail and in pain, you probably have very little understanding just how tough this job can be.  When you take on the role of a carer, you can be caring for over 50 hours per week, every week of the year, without any time off. You can be on call 24 hours a day and your sleep can be interrupted each night; your social life can be put on hold and it can be difficult for you to leave the house. It’s a role you have not applied for; you have taken on the role because of circumstances rather than out of choice; there is no job specification outlining what your day to day duties will be or training for the task you will find yourself doing.  This is what it can mean to be one of Gloucestershire’s 63,000 unpaid carers. Shocked? Well this could so easily be you.

It’s unthinkable that any of the 63,000 carers across Gloucestershire should have to face this challenge alone. Especially when they often give up so much – their income, health and social life – to look after someone else.

There are many ways you can get involved and help us help carers  – it may be through volunteering, involving your company as a sponsor for an event, or simply making a donation.

Whatever you decide to do, it all counts. It will provide much-needed funding so we can continue to give vital support and advice to carers throughout Gloucestershire at a time when they need it most. Get involved today.

How can I get involved?

  • Become a Friend of Carers Gloucestershire. Join our volunteer fundraising group. Everything our Friends do, from skittle nights to gala dinners helps us keep carers out of crisis.
  • Involve your company. Choose us as your Charity of the Year and let your employees get involved in regular, publicised events. We will come and meet you and tell you more about the vital role carers play in supporting our county – and how you can help.
  • Play the Carers Gloucestershire Lottery. Not only could you win up to £25,000, but you will be supporting the essential work of our charity, helping carers every day.
  • Fundraise. Why not organise an event or challenge to raise money for local carers? Our Fundraising Team can support you every step of the way.
  • Donate. Make a regular or one off donation for carers.

 £25 could pay for a home visit for an advice worker, a turning point in someone’s life.

£100 could pay for specialist counselling to help a new carer come to terms with the changes in their life.

£500 could give a group of full time carers a day away from their caring responsibilities, a day to be themselves

To get involved today and find out more about supporting us. Call our office on 01452 386283 or email