Resources for GP surgeries

There are many different ways that GP surgeries and other health professional areas could be supporting carers.

Resources for GP surgeries

On this page you will find different things you can download to add to your screens, display boards or other areas in your surgery. You might also use some of the information attached in training sessions so that all professionals are well informed on those they are coming into contact with on a regular basis.

If you would like more information about how to support carers in your surgeries or would like a visit to your surgery to discuss Carers Gloucestershire and what is available please contact Maddy Jarrett on 01452 386283 or

We also offer the following:

  • A folder for your surgery full of useful leaflets and information for carers (you may already have one of these and would like it updating).
  • Printed posters and leaflets for your displays or to come and do a display board for you.
  • Carers Line cards , these are credit card sized and perfect for handing to carers so they can contact us.
  • A surgery link visitor who will liaise with your surgery on our behalf. I cannot guarantee to find one immediately but if I know a particular surgery would like one I can then look into finding a volunteer in their local area. Surgeries who would like one do need to be pro-active in working with this visitor, finding time to meet with them every 6-8 weeks and offering them information and time where needed. If you would like to discuss this option further please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Helpful Forms and Good Practice Information to download:

Best Practice in Surgeries

Facts About Carers

Website Ideas

Best Practice – Letter given to carer once registered with surgery

Recommended GP Referral Form

Leaflet to download:

Carers Gloucestershire Service Guide

Carers Assessment Leaflet 1

Carers Assessment Leaflet 2

Carers Assessment Leaflet 3

Challenging Behaviour Project Leaflet

Counselling Leaflet

Hospitals Support Leaflet

Independent Support Leaflet

Positive Caring 2016

Poster to download:

Carers Assessment poster A4

Counselling Service A4

Hospitals A4

Localities A4

Who Cares A4


Carers Gloucestershire Presentation for GP surgeries