Junction (Young Adult Carers)

Young Adult Carers provide unpaid care or support to another family member, often a parent or sibling who has a physical or mental health illness, disability or issues with substance misuse.

Junction Young Adult CArers

There are 229,318 young adult carers aged 18-24 in the UK, and this is 5.3% of all people in that age group. One quarter of all young adult carers in the UK (56,069 people) are providing care for more than 20 hours per week and almost 27,000 of these (12% of the total) are providing care for more than 50 hours each week.

Research shows that young adult Carers are often disadvantaged from reaching their full potential both educationally and emotionally, making their transition into adulthood less successful.

Junction is a service being developed in partnership with Gloucestershire Young Carers to improve the life chances of young adult carers and enable them to make a positive transition to adulthood. It will provide opportunities for young adult Carers to improve and maintain their health and wellbeing and raise awareness and support for young Carers with other relevant agencies and organisations eg. schools, colleges,  job centres.

If you are a young adult Carer in Gloucestershire who needs some help or advice call our Carers Line on 0300 111 900.