Carer voice

Being a Carer means you experience caring first hand. That’s why we believe a Carer’s voice is vital – and should be heard.

Carer Voice

When you are a carer, you can feel isolated and sometimes frustrated at the day-to-day situations and issues you have to face. It is the experience of coping with such circumstances that makes your opinions so important and valuable.

That’s why we think giving a carer a ‘voice’ is vital – and we play an active part in that. We help your voice to be heard in many ways. Our Carers Forum gives you a chance to speak your mind on the day-to-day reality of caring. It’s a place where you can comment on issues and listen to what others have to say. We have a Carers Alliance, Carers of Adults Gloucestershire, and a Parent Carer Network to give you representation, collective support and advice.

We also make sure that a carer’s perspective is fed into any planning meetings, scrutiny committees and any monitoring of health and social care services. And of course, we use Facebook, Twitter, and other means when we can to get your voice out there, get the issues aired and on the agenda.

Because, when you care for someone every day, you are at the forefront of reality, of what it is like to look after someone, unpaid, often on your own. You have valid opinions on what carers need. That’s why carers need to be listened to, made to feel valued, and feel they can have an influence on policy making.

In Gloucestershire, there are about 63,000 Carers, saving the county around £500 million per year. And over 12,000 of these Carers look after someone for over 50 hours per week. And every one has a vital voice.

Find out more about we can help your voice be heard:


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