About us

We are an independent charity helping unpaid Carers in Gloucestershire.

Carers Gloucestershire Team

We founded Carers Gloucestershire over 20 years ago. Today, we continue provide vital services, support and advice for carers when they need it most.

Established in 1992, we are one of the Carers’ Trust’s ‘Centres of Excellence’. Our mission is to empower carers in Gloucestershire, promote their rights and enable them to make positive choices to improve the quality of their lives.

A carer is anyone who gives unpaid support to someone who can’t look after themselves. Being a carer can be isolating and exhausting. We offer support for carers to help not only their physical and emotional well-being, but to help them to make informed decisions that have a positive, lasting influence on their lives.

The services we offer to carers are free of charge, and that provision remains one of the core elements of who we are and what we do. We are the only organisation in Gloucestershire who provide free support and advice for Carers, ranging from a Carers helpline and GP surgery links, to parent carer training and a Carers break service.

We enhance the lives of Carers by working in partnership with other regional and national organisations to:

  • identify carers
  • provide a range of services in response to their needs
  • give Carers a ‘collective’ voice
  • maintain Carers Gloucestershire as a sustainable organisation.

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Mission and values

Mission and values

We believe that carers should be able to: Enjoy mental and physical well-being and be treated with dignity. Undertake their caring responsibilities without financial hardship. Be recognised, respected and involved as an equal partner in care. Have a ...

Our supporters

Our supporters

Partnerships Carers Gloucestershire works in partnership with a number of voluntary and statutory organisations to help enhance the lives of carers. Some of our key partners are: Carers Trust is a new charity which was formed by the merger of The Pri...


Our trustees

The organisation is governed by a Board of Trustee Directors the Chair and Vice Chair of which are elected and appointed annually from the serving Directors. The Board will have a minimum of eight and maximum of twelve Directors. To ensure that we ar...

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At the end of March 2006, Carers Gloucestershire completed the change in its legal status to become a Company Limited by Guarantee. Under the Memorandum and Articles of Association to be able to influence the strategic direction of the organisation, ...