• Walk a mile in my shoes 2014

    Register today to support Gloucestershire’s unpaid Carers….

    Walk a mile in my shoes 2014
  • An evening with Jonathan Foyle

    Tickets now on sale for this spiring event at Gloucester Cathedral..

    An evening with Jonathan Foyle
  • What is a Carer?

    Anyone who gives unpaid support to look after someone who is unable to look after themselves.

    What is a Carer?
  • 63,000 unpaid Carers in Gloucestershire ...

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    63,000 unpaid Carers in Gloucestershire alone
  • Val's story

    When I was introduced to Carers Gloucestershire a lot more doors were opened.

    Val's story
Slider Carer Stories

Carer stories

Elena’s Story Elena moved with her mother from Australia to care full time for her Grandfather who has Vascular Dementia. She took on the full responsibility of supporting her Mum to care for her Grandfather, whilst struggling to study and manage her...

Money and benefits

Money and benefits

Whilst caring for some can be incredibly rewarding, it can also take a huge toll on your health and family finances, and many carers have to give up work or reduce working hours to care. Our experienced Carer Advisers can help you find your way throu...



Our Forums, open to all Carers, are quarterly events that aim to provide Carers with a collective voice on their key issues, and is driven by Carers through the Gloucestershire Carers Alliance.  Gloucestershire Carers Alliance is a strong, independen...

Carers Lottery

Carers Lottery

Help us support Carers like Val and win £25,000. Val is a full-time Carer for her daughter, she was born with Down’s syndrome. “My daughter has a lot of energy, she’s always on the go, more so than my other two children; If she isn’t well or somethin...

Tim Poole For All I Care

For All I Care, Tim Poole, Chief Executive

There are Bank Holidays imminent and you know what that means – Accident & Emergency departments on full alert, expecting an outbreak of HHCIBS or How Hard Can It Be Syndrome, to give it its full name. I’ve witnessed this for myself. The last tim...